Writer’s Question-Evening In Pattaya


I was recently invited as a guest to a Pattaya gathering of folk interested in writing. The intention was to ask me relevant stuff about me as a writer and Pattaya as an inspirational place to write out of but like many events in Fun City there were shaky foundations and after the first question I realised I’d been had.

A diminutive guy with mustachios like cow-horns put up his hand. “Yes,” I said, “what is your question?”

“Do you write and if you do when will you stop?”

The room then erupted in buzzing, murmuring and chuckling. Many made for the door and the fiasco finished with the organiser shaking my hand and telling me that Pattaya folk are not that interested in books.

“So why did I get invited?”

He just smiled at me and edged towards the door. I was left looking at an empty room and contemplating my intellectual navel. That done, I hit the town and had a fun time with some of Pattaya’s most depressed and problematic agogo dancers. It’s Fun City and what can be funnier than to bop with the most debt-ridden and suicidal?

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