Want to ruin yourself? Do it with silicon

Rainbow 4, Nana Plaza, Bangkok, is my rendezvous and it has more than sixty dancers parading on the stage. Their noses and their breasts are some of the least appetising I’ve seen, and the plastic surgeons who gave them their changes should be shot. I noticed an old agogo dancer who had decided on a long nose like a farang’s, and it was pinched and thin. Such a sad sight.

The bulging breasts of others were so extraordinary as to be unforgiveable. I found them just hopeless and I looked at a good eighty pairs. It’s so sad that so many of the agogo dancers think that European noses and silicon-adjusted breasts are a first and a second on the old curriculum vitae. I imagine these lovely babies in their villages growing into normal, unsensual but pretty virgins, then the partnership, the baby, the separation, and the accompanying social ills, then the surgeon who takes their scant bucks and transforms relative attractiveness into ungainly sight.

It’s more than just a pity.

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