Tricky Topic

It’s a bit of a tricky topic but I’m going to give it a bash. I’m not going to go into the historical origins of it, nor am I going to be sensational. That’s all on the internet in other places than here.

The Why

There’s social class in Thailand. Better your wife is a virgin when you get married. You have children then decide she’s not for you so you divorce and start a new family with another virgin. Your ex-wife usually wants to look after her kids. She is looked down upon and won’t find a Thai man to give her the time of day. Her ex probably won’t support and love his kids. There are the tourists. They’re not choosy.

The Place

The ladies drift down to Pattaya. The ladies drift into prostitution but don’t consider themselves whores. They’re working out of necessity and they send money back home to mum and dad who are caring for the children. They hope for a rich tourist who will accept their ill fate and look after them. Hardly the professional hooker scenario (though if you’re looking for a real pro pro, you won’t be disappointed – they’re here in Pattaya in every bar!).

The 100 women in a week (Thai women are not bad lookers just to wet your whistle)

Well, you’ve drifted around a bit – Africa, South America, Europe – Amsterdam! Via Salaria on a shabby Rome night! and you decide to come to Pattaya.

Why is Pattaya Different?

……from Recife, Amsterdam, Malindi, Budapest, Roma, Escort-Girlie London

It just is. The prostitution is forever shifting shape.


You’re tired of your local pushy women with attitude. You decide to come to Pattaya. You board your flight. You put your feet up. You nod off. You land. You’re in a different world.

You get laid every day.

To do it you need:

* Money

* Time

* Eyesight (optional)

* Viagra

* Health

* Vegetarianism

* Abstinence (from alcohol)

You’ve got it made. 1st day 9 (novice status), then 5 x 15 = 75 then it’s finale day and you do 16. Grand total 100. You will be knackered but you’ll get on the aeroplane home thinking you had a good time. Maybe you will have met 50 or so girls who want to keep in touch. Maybe some will even have given you the impression they are not whores just girls down on their luck. Maybe it will get you thinking, but I won’t hold my breath.

Thai Social Class – Guess Where You Rank?

Remember you’re a sex tourist but the girls are just trying to support their families. The difference is there. From the word go. The virgins, the Thai bridegrooms, the divorced girls, and YOU!!!

Conclusion Rhetorical : Is This Piece Just Another Article On Sex Tourism?

Am I wrong or am I wrong, and is this piece just another article on sex tourism? Oooh, eeer, eeee, aaah, ooops, jiminy cricketty! Must just go to the loo! Back in a tick!

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