Thai Retirement Visa “Costs” About 20,000 Pounds

Yes,pound going down…

If The Pound Goes Down The Visa Goes Up

Something else they don’t often brag about in the Land of Smiles is that with the pound in steep, sheer fall – now sometimes 40 baht to the pound – the legitimate Thai retirement visa costs the equivalent of 20,000 pounds, 800,000 baht of an exile’s or alien’s savings, and he or she keeps that amount in his or her bank account yearly. But don’t cry. It’s the Land of Smiles which means you can pay someone 400 pounds every year and that gets you your retirement visa – yes, not legitimate, but no, not illegal, and you’ve helped some bureaucrat buy his tom yums for a few years. It’s corruption but it’s out in the open, so to speak.


Buy for a needy Thai official.


Have you ever wondered if Europe and America have stamped out corruption? If you have an answer I’ll be interested. Libor was a rigging system operated from the UK. (Yes, that “L” stands for London.)

Is that a Union Jack in the background?

Conflicts of interests (not conflict of interest) never entered Tony Blair’s mind when he started war. After waiting more than ten years, Equitalia in Italy wants me to pay my overlooked taxes, its court cases, and interest, too. It runs a system that won’t inform people on time. Putin is ex-KGB. America supports Israel’s assassin premiers….and so it goes on. So, if and when I buy my Thai visa and use my bank savings for myself, sneer a while but not a year.

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