Reflections : British Law Office In Pattaya

globally compromised?

Setting : British Law Office

There’s a spot of cold weather hitting Thailand at the moment but when I popped in to see my local solicitor about a problem HSBC is generating for its non-resident clients, he claimed the weather was balmy by comparison with the UK from where he had just returned. December in Thailand and especially in Pattaya are great according to him.

He was with another client when I arrived and I overheard lots of conversation about a will, a Thai mum in England, what she could and couldn’t do, and the setting up of a trust for her daughter here in Pattaya which would protect an inheritance from mum till said daughter was twenty-one. My mate the solicitor was well and truly embroiled in Thailand – T.I.T. This Is Thailand. Mum overseas but trying to grab daughter’s inheritance along with her own inheritance from dead Brit playboy hubby.

While there I noticed other T.I.T. A dog was on a leash in the solicitor’s office and making a run at a baby who was trying to stroke it and get rabies. Her smiling, Thai father was warding off the rampaging dog. When I asked to go to the loo, his smiling Thai wife and legal assistant to the British solicitor showed me the way. The loo was neither clean nor dirty. There was a relaxed atmosphere in that office, smacking of family fun round the old eating-table. Even the English solicitor said HSBC was saving its arse and that what it was asking me for (a tax identification number) was probably illegal and certainly not relevant to an expat on a retirement visa, and forbidden to work and make money in Thailand.

buffalo without a bar – no resemblance to a farang whatsoever!

All in all it was a pleasant visit and I exited on to Pattaya’s third road where the glorious Thai sun lit up everything, including the squalor, with its gloriousness. Across the road from me was Buffalo Bar which I avoid, the staff being rude and the name of the bar implying that its clients, farangs, are buffaloes. We are called that by the Thais in contempt of our persons and because of our size. Buffaloes, indeed! However, I was tranquil because I was here and Blighty was over there. Despite T.I.T., I was enjoying it here! A rider rushed through – high speed, no crash helmet. The kind, old sun was shining on him, too.

3rd not 1st – with helmets! T.I.T., too.

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