Prepubescent-Girl-Groper Does It Underwater On The Dark Side

Now, I don’t want to get into trouble so I will have to be very careful especially with names. I have absolutely no proof other than my own eyes and I do know that anyone can see anything given the diversity of it all. I will just set down what happens regularly and leave my readers to judge. Groping doesn’t happen anywhere else that I know of but it happens here. Where? In a swimming pool on the dark side. I go there occasionally and swim with goggles. I first noticed underwater activity after I noticed a stocky Thai guy in his forties who gave lessons to the girls, all of them pre-adolescent. He gave them lessons in the kiddies’ pool, in the big pool, too, on the water-slide, and off. He just jumped in and started playing – with the girls. Some boys wanted to play but no, it was almost always girls only. The girls know him. Some parents know him. The bar-staff knows him. Perhaps he is part of the staff looking after the pool.

At first I thought he was just a good guy who liked giving free lessons. The girls dive for him, go down the water-shoot for him, get swimming lessons free from him, swim for him. But I did notice how close he was with his girls and how they clustered around him. You see, he’s an amiable guy who laughs a lot when he’s with them. I thought to myself : “OK, they’re all over him, and he’s liking it. He stays in for hours. It gets dark. He’s still there with all his little girls.”

Then, one evening, I noticed a fat Thai woman who seemed to be his wife, and he seemed to have a stick-like son lying on a sunbed beside this lady. She was talking to him, the Thai guy who gives free swimming-lessons.

But, going underwater, I’d already noticed his hand on some girls’ bums or between their legs, and on one occasion a girl rubbing her foot against his groin. I didn’t see an erection but I was sure something was going on, down below.

I asked a farang about the guy because the farang’s daughter was sliding down the slide guided by the Thai guy. I was assured the guy was well known and harmless. Later I spoke to two Thai girls who knew him (I spoke in Thai) and ascertained their ages – under eleven. I thought of going to the police but was there anything to report? and to prove the point I needed a policeman with me swimming underwater + the goggles, of course.

Tricky! Crikey!

On one occasion it annoyed me so much I spoke to the guy and said in Thai, “Oh, you really like playing with little children but only underage girls.” He smiled at me but didn’t answer. On another occasion, I got between him and two of the girls he’d been touching underwater (with his knee and hands – they’d been sitting on his hands and his knees, he’d had an arm between their legs, too, bouncing them gently up and down, up and down), I got between them and stared hard at him, but he just turned away, and a little later spoke to the fat lady-wife. She stared at me and I stared her out…but you can imagine I wasn’t enjoying myself, and I also felt stupid. Here was a guy, accepted by a Thai community, doing underwater groping and gathering girls to his chest, and here was I, a stupid farang, objecting.

Short of my getting a police crew and cameras and underwater-teams, and him oblivious, I don’t know what to do. I’m sure underwater-hankypanky is going on. I’m sure it will continue to go on. Some of the girls are pleased with the attention he gives them. No, all of them who go to him regularly are pleased. He’s a friendly, helpful guy who laughs a lot and helps them learn to swim, and to swim better.

I remain flummoxed.

Now, when I go there and see him sitting at one of the tables, talking friendly to his Thai associates, I dread the late, late afternoon because it is then that he will assess the situation, and see the girls in the pool. It is then that he will change into his long swim-suit, it is then that he will jump in and begin his “friendly” lessons.

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