Police Road-Blocks On The Dark Side

just another bike to be checked

I seem to be meeting police road-blocks on the dark side with ever-increasing frequency, and I don’t really know why. I presume the government and council want the police to check certain vehicles and especially motorbikes, and fine appropriately. Three days running on the road that goes alongside Pattaya’s railway-line I have queued up to be checked. My car is full of balloons belonging to my partner’s granddaughter who seems to want the car to become a party every time she is in it – which is pretty often. She is as spontaneous as they get, and so is a welcome change from the dire ladies I occasionally meet who only seem interested in one thing, and fail to make me smile anymore at the lyrics from “Pattaya Pattaya” : “Handsome man, very chic, I like you, very big, sexy man, Pattaya…” Jaded as I am, a two-year-old is about as great an amount of fun as Fun City can offer me. As for Pattaya’s die-hard punters, I really find some of them difficult to be with. They seem spoiling for a fight.

balloons for cars

Yesterday, I told aforementioned granddaughter to behave. The police were in front of us, and checking. She wound down the window and gave a burly cop an inquisitive smile. I melted. He didn’t. “Stop! Stop!” he was saying, eyeing my fastened safety-belt with extreme displeasure. “Yes, Sergeant Major?” I enquired, or words to that effect. Would he fine the two-year-old, little girl? He should have, I suppose. Standing up in cars (which she was doing) is definitely verboten. “Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!” he commanded. I went. I turned to my granddaughter and shrugged my shoulders. She shrugged appropriately. I guffawed. “He stopped me to tell me to go.” She agreed. It was another delightful moment.

I am glad the police are here, there, and everywhere. I am especially glad I can talk to a two-year-old about police-investigations and be so happy.

“Handsome man, very chic,…”

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