Poems People Liked (2)

Poems People Liked (2) lyrical, rhyming & free verse

The second of the series, these previously published poems, going back several decades, contemplate imprisonment, nature, mortality, emotion, creativity, deviance and endless device. Dedicated to all those imprisoned by society, destiny or themselves, the poems alternate between hope and despair, getting right words in right places (at least that is the hope!).

This is the second book in the series “Poems People Liked”. The poems were previously published mainly in small-magazine format. Liked and chosen by independent editors, some were also highly commended. They are dedicated to people who don’t feel free and to expats the world over. Like the first volume, the poems explore nature, mortality, emotion, creativity, imprisonment, deviance and endless device. They work on words in right places which attempt to make sense of a confusing array of conflicting experiences in a world where the blacks, the whites, and the greys really are mingling and intermingling with sunrises and sunsets of bafflingly conflicting colour where day’s time really is a hotchpotch to be recreated beautifully, the poet hopes. The poems are in two parts. Part A is “The poison that leads to suicide” and Part B is “Living”. Part A deals with suicidal impulses and highly charged, negative emotions while Part B deals with “normal” living.

poems people liked 2

poems people liked 2

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