Pattaya’s Bar Girls Dress In Overcoats! Never Seen Before!

(Preamble : for those not so well informed, outside Pattaya bars and dens, there always sit ladies whose job it is to entice punters in for a drink.)

Rumour has it that a hurricane or typhoon hovering over the Philippines has thrown a lot of cold air Thailand’s way. All I can say is that wherever that cold air has come from it is wreaking havoc. One tough friend fell off his motorbike before arriving home because of the 5 degree celsius temperature-drop, and since then his Facebook page has been filled with comments on the cold weather…but worse still, I went out last night for a rollock, a revel, a roll, and a swivel, but found all the sirens outside Pattaya’s agogo bars dressed in overcoats, woolen mitts and socks. They sat there shivering and not one “Sexy man” reached my ears. I expected the worst – the worst being that the air-con which usually puts a chill on the inside dancers’ fun would mean that what with the hurricane-cold outside and the air-con freeze inside all the naked lovelies would be frozen stiff or on strike. But such is habit that inside the agogos those intrepid dancers were adance despite the air con being off or on very low. However, it was a sad night (and sight) for the great hot steamy sweaty soiey LK Metro mammarates – to have so many chilled maidens dressed to their chins, and Fun City’s fun certainly somewhat undone. Please excuse these rhymes that just keep on creeping in.

However, the good news is that hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, whirlwinds and the like do eventually blow themselves out and so Thailand will definitely revive when the hot air hits its elephants and its inhabitants once again, but for the moment if you do come to Fun City expect to see the outside-callers dressed somewhat more like icicle maidens from Russia.

cool monkeys, too, huddling to keep warm outside Paradise Agogo in LK Metro last night at about 11 p.m.

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