Pattaya Bar Girl Wounds Another Tourist

Stiletto to the eye but she misses his brain

Pattaya Fun In Fun City

It’s all fun in Fun City but when I asked my beloved for the photo she refused, telling me the police would be round if I wrote it up. My ten-year-long partner doesn’t agree with me posting posts that shouldn’t get posted.

Farang Pays Through The Eye

Five minutes ago, Wanna called me over to her little i-phone and showed me a picture of a tourist down the local nick and explained that the wound under his eye was from an attack. He had refused to pay for a drink, claiming it was overpriced, and a bar-girl had gone for him with one of her stiletto’d shoes. Wanna, or Na, is a lovely lady but she did say the following, “He should have paid for the drink.”

“Come off it, Na…attacking him is over the top.” (from blogger Finch)

“What should the bar have done?” (words to that effect).

“You call the police. You don’t attack tourists.”

“What would the police have done? He was leaving fast anyway.” (words to that effect)

“You’re telling me the police mightn’t have done anything or wanted paying. Send me the photo via Line and I’ll blog it.”

“No, I won’t.”


“No good.”

Golden Rule Number One In Pattaya

So, I’m blogging it and ‘ll find a free image via Google of a sorry eye. And yes, the sixty-two- year-old guy looked forlorn, depressed and attacked as he sat in the local police-station, nursing his bad eye, his bad thoughts and his bad luck (or otherwise)…because Golden Rule Number One in Pattaya, always pay up even if you pay through the nose which is better than paying through the eye.

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