Patience Still Needed In Thailand (Especially In Pattaya?)

I returned to Soi Siam Country Club, Nongprue, Banglamung, on the 3rd of October 2017 and fully expected the work to resurface the soi to have been completed. After all, the work has been in progress (and regress) for about three years. At a first glance, it looked good but when I went up to our local market called Wanasin, the work was still incomplete, and getting a car through and on up to our local lake is still proving about as likely as a Pattaya rat falling out of a tree (which does occasionally happen). Admittedly, the holes I wrote about last year seem to have disappeared and entry into our own housing complex is not difficult but the soi is still upsettingly upset.

Just one of the holes I wrote about last year!

Oh, well, I thought, the gangs from Cambodia have at least got much of the work finished. Wonder what happens when it rains? for the monsoons are upon us, and our Pattaya skies open and pour out all sorts of water – thick water, thin water, waterfalls of water, rushed runs of the liquid stuff. I wonder what happens…because last year and the year before and the year before that, when it rained, Soi Siam Country Club flooded. It became a familiar sight to see our drains overflowing up, pushing everything in and on to the road that the underground-channels hold – rubbish, more rubbish, frogs, snakes, mosquito larvae, paper, plastic bags – the lot. In Bangkok, so dirty is this type of overflowing water that the disease “Bangkok Foot” is prevalent. Woe betide anyone with a scratch or cut on his or her foot. Infection can and does happen. Is there a Pattaya Foot? Why, yes, of course. Doc Jon just made it happen!

It did rain, obligingly, and our soi flooded just like last year.

Our soi flooded just like last year.

Some years prior, my partner’s new car went under and needed extensive repairs. This year, though the soi seems less like the Nile or the Amazon, I feel sure it can still flood relatively well and put a few cars into the mechanics’ hands.

And that’s about it. Patience, my friend. When will our super soi get us up to that pearl of water called Mabprachan Lake? My guess is just about never.

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