(You create a lot of anxiety for your kids and you’re not being clever. You’re being fluking stupid!)

The more I think about it the more I think that creating anxiety in children is a really negative thing to do. It’s so easily done as well. And it’s done by adults who think they are highly responsible people. Those adults are inevitably close to children, those children are in their vulnerable years, and just guess what? Those adults I’m thinking of are PARENTS. Yep, let’s shout it out loud. “I’m a parent, and I’m bloody proud.”

How do we as parents create anxiety in our children? Well, we can threaten them with pain, we can imprison them in small underground rooms, we can torment and torture them, but in general we do it without really thinking! We don’t respect them. We don’t give them importance and time. We diminish their self-respect by not respecting them ourselves.

There are other pretty powerful ways of creating anxiety. We are fickle with our children and we are not there for them. We make them cling on to us more when we are present because they know we are suddenly going to be absent. We chop and we change and we shove them off on people who don’t really want them or if they do want them, they are not wanted by the kiddywinks themselves. We just darn create insecurity which is a sure-fire way of generating anxiety which may later on lead to all sorts of “things” like depression, overdependence, poor self-esteem, fickleness, irritation, anger, aggression, bad choice, etc.

So spend good, quality time with your kids. Listen to them. Understand them. Make sacrifices. Be good to them. Don’t flap them off just because you’re feeling rough. Make them number one. Make them feel they are important. Don’t make them feel you are important and they take second or worse third or worse one-hundred-and-twenty-fifth place in your life of busy activities and number-one concerns.

Be good, kind, tolerant, understanding. Be empathetic.

And if you can’t do these things very well and you think I’m being ridiculous, then don’t bloody well have kids. And that piece of advice should be slapped across all those genders out there who believe in their own greatness. (What’s humility? It’s coming to terms with yourself as flawed not “I am the greatest.” It’s also creating good, decent kids not highly aggressive and competitive midget machines that grow into monstrous mouths!)

Now, I’ve had my say. So there.



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