(Satan plays upon progress, paradox, irony, incongruity, ambiguity, ignorance and instinct)

And Satan said, “Let the children have the most miserable times of their lives.”

And he built the huge comprehensive schools and he broke the families.

And Satan said, “Let Man in his infinite wisdom destroy the earth, the air and the sea that feed him.”

And Satan gave Man oil, coal, chemicals, and industry, allowing him to be blind to pollution, sunny ice and icy fire. With a smile, he threw in land-and-mass shrinkage, population-growth, just for good measure, chuckling the while.

And Satan said, “Let the birds of the air, the beasts of the fields, the great fishes and the lovely mammals of the sea give Man no pleasure.”

And Satan built the cities, the electric harpoons, and the enslaved mentality.

And Satan said, “Let Man live violently in his cities.”

And Satan minimised Man’s empathy and consciousness, thereby giving him the means to brutalise and destroy his fellow-men.

And Satan said, “Let no man understand the seven deadly sins!” And no man understood them.

And Satan said, “Aversion, delusion and greed are right!” And no one said the opposite.

And Satan said, “Let the sexes divide.” And, lo! the cities of the plain were firmly established, And there was humiliation and vilification of the sexes by gender-study maniacs.

And Satan said, “Let mothers and fathers treat their children badly and stimulate criminality.”

And fathers began to bully their sons and daughters, and mothers to neglect and bully them.

And, lo! the blood-stained football-stadiums and terraces were filled with television-corpses.

And Satan said, “Let the people be pleased by sadism, perversion and pornography.”

And immediately the cinemas were filled with progressive people clapping.

And Satan said, “Let Man be blind to this and to his own bedevilment. Let The Net enmesh them all!”

And lo! the politicians prated, the priests evaded and the educationists gyrated.

And Satan cried, “My kingdom’s come! The cities of pandemonium, chaos, fire, perversion, slaughter, war, pestilence and science are here! The rich are few, and richer. The poor are many and poorer. The pattern’s set. I’ve caught ‘em in The Net.”

And the hope of god was appalled and very far away.

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