Malevolence On The Dark Side

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Novel about Pattaya

Malevolence On The Dark Side Of Pattaya?

I have always considered myself very sensible. I walk away from trouble. “Great Tits I’ve Known (And Other Species)”, also titled “Sexy Thai Bar Girls And Me”, has an incident in which the narrator, me, is challenged because he has been playing with a peanut and a bar girl gets her farang* friend to berate the narrator’s cheekiness. “The Battle of the Peanut” never happened but I still remember how surprised I was by the pettiness and potential danger of the incident.

peanut irony

One peanut – can be fought about if inclined

I was somewhat surprised the other night when I was challenged in a bar on Soi Khao Talo on the dark side.

This time I got annoyed. The black-shirted guy, a friend or acquaintance of one of my long-standing “friends”, was leering at me and asking me if this time I would be polite to his girl. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. He failed to elaborate, just sitting across from me, staring at me with great aversion and repeating whether I would behave better. I got up and walked away but when I came back he was still there, saying similar and staring. I got up and walked away a second time. When I got back, he was asking another of my acquaintances whether I was able to discourse logically. After a while, he got up and went back to his girl where he drank, smoked, opened his legs to look hard, bent in to talk to other tattoo’d Pattaya punters he seemingly knew.

about Pattaya and bars and other

Novel about Pattaya

I suppose it is not unusual to get into some sort of trouble if you frequent the bars but I have avoided problems for years. I continued to sit it out and drink Tiger Light and eat some pretty good, birthday food, but the evening was spoiled for me. To make matters worse, my real, long-time “friend”, Rosta, talked to Black Shirt and told him where we were going next. Whether said “friend” actually invited Black Shirt along is a matter of conjecture.

The unpleasant event occurred because three months previously, Rosta, as he is fictionally called in all my novels, had invited this guy along and wanted me to provide the chauffeuring. At a certain point Black Shirt had invited his mia noy** who turned up.

the bar scene one lady

One girl – can be fought about if inclined

I declined to ferry her because my partner of ten years’ standing sometimes gives me a hard time if she finds girls’ hair in my car, and anyway his mistress did have a seat on the back of another guy’s motorbike. I had to explain in Thai and English why I was declining. I imagine the girl lost face and complained to Black Shirt.

black for trouble

One black shirt

All this conjecture, of course, mainly occurred after the incident, and Black Shirt was drunk and so probably not open to elaboration or, indeed, explanation.

I consider it a golden rule never to get into a tussle over a Pattaya girl but I have been told quite a few times that the farangs, much to the amusement of the Thais, fight over girls and those girls are often working the bars.

I have texted Black Shirt and asked for a meeting when he is not drunk if he and his mistress really do have an issue. My sm remains unanswered. You see, despite not knowing the guy, he did give me his number the first time we met because at the beginning of the evening which led to my failing to chauffeur his girl, he was all over me, fawning about farangs’ great abilities and how Thailand should support talented farangs. Suppose he meant my command of English was / is good.

The taxi-service I sometimes provide Rosta and his friends is ready to be re-examined because, for one, Rosta takes advantage and for two, the guy, Rosta, obviously has other golden rules than mine. One being to relish bad stuff. My opinion, only, but I don’t expect an apology from Rosta even though the incident leaves me yet again considering the stuff of aggression and the falsity of friendship.


**mistress / little wife

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