Maeng Da* (Pandar) Nights In Pattaya

Pandar Time In Pattaya

There’s a small soi or moo that runs alongside the White Rose Hotel that meets up with Walking Street and if you stand there from half-seven to eight you see all the girls going to work.

What’s as important you see who drops them off. The motorbike-taxi guys stop where they should (in general) and the maeng das stop as near to Walking Street as makes no difference. (What’s an odd traffic offence when you get your girl within spitting distance of the infamous street?) Some say goodbye to their ladies but the majority U-turn and beat it. Some even scowl at their cheap maiden. They’re scowling and living off the proceeds of the sex industry as it operates in and around Walking Street. You’d be surprised how many young and not so young Thai guys are seen during that half hour dropping their friends, partners, fiancées and wives off. What do they do between eight and four a.m. when I presume they return to carry their working partners off to bed? Drink, gamble, whore, eat, spend their partners’ gotten gains? Your guess is as good as mine.

     So, loiter one evening on the streams that carry the damsels into the maelstrom that is Walking Street and you’ll be surprised by the quantity and quality of the ladies, and after that by the maeng das attached. If I’m wrong about the assumptions underpinning this post I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

*maeng da – Thai Rice Bug / parasitic male or pimp who lives off the proceeds of prostitution

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