Do You Like Hot Peppers?

Do you like hot peppers? Well, then, just one more reason for coming to Thailand!

Ode To Chillies

(Digest With Care After Sprinkling With Paprika)


Although my articles, posts, blogs, pieces, what you will, are taking on a more elegiac note of late, leading one of my acquaintances to put his arm round my shoulder and ask me if I really and truly feel that lost, I am glad to say that my spirits revived just now when I leant out of my bedroom window to pick hot green and red peppers off a chest-high bush that is just about full of them. “Where else in the world,” I thought, “can you greet the dazzling sun every day and pluck peperoncinos off of bushes that are nigh on nuzzling their way into your bedroom and on to your double-bed?” I’m sure there are other places in the world but I recall that in Italy where I grew hot chillies I had to go down to the garden, bend down and pick them off low plants. Mediterranean climes are OK but Thailand has them all the year round. “So, stop grumbling, and eat some chillis, Jon!” I say to myself. “If you’re fed up with Pattaya nightlife, then give yourself a rest. If you’re fed up with your geographical choice, get your butt moving…” only I can’t for sentimental reasons and financial. All the more reason for leaning – on a daily basis – out of that bedroom window in order to pluck little peppers and fill my mouth with them. They’re also good for me. They disinfect everywhere and if you happen to rub your eyes or nether regions, they’ll burn the hell out of you up and down those sensitive parts of your corpus.

So, cheers to chillis, and having cheered myself up, I’ll see what the day has on offer after I wash my eyes out with copious water, having just rubbed them with my green fingers.


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