Invest In The Girl, Not In The Bar


Investing In Trouble?

Another troubled and troublesome evening last night! High prices for bottled beer in the a go gos and a misunderstanding led to Roy, our drinking companion, making loud lament (and rightly so?) but the real issue for me was a bargirl who dragged two other ladies away from me and Roy because we were talking and not buying ladydrinks. As the ireful Costa said, “It’s up to us to talk for 10 minutes or 30 and take a decision. The girl who intervened was being extremely rude.” (Or words to that effect.) On further investigation it turned out she, the bossy girl, was “just” a fellow bar-worker, throwing her weight around, and not a mamasan or “key player”. She was also a long-stay whereas the two girls she ordered around were newbies.

When the “party” got going again, lo and behold but another girl sat next to Roy! They chatted. She gave him her number and he gave her 100 baht.

“Invest in the girl,” he told us, “not in the bar. And I don’t give a toss if she never wants to see me again.”

“Invest in the girl, not in the bar.”

We wended our way down Soi Buakhao, me, Roy, Costa and Rob, and hit the a go go where Roy felt overcharged. (And rightly so?)

Earlier in the evening, Rob had informed us that the other day, at five in the morning, he’d found his long-time lady drunk and had asked her to come home. A guy who drinks in the bar, an Englishman, had told Rob not to interfere. Everyone was enjoying seeing Rob’s lady legless, according to the English guy. (Yes, probably the case.) I think the British knight followed this up by telling Rob he’d be hung, drawn and quartered if he took the lady away. (“I’ll kill you.”) Lots of bargirls then jumped on the bellicose Englishman, and Rob carried his lady away.

As I write this morning, I remember Costa’s know-all expression as he listened to his dear and close friend Rob telling the tale. (Ah, Costa, when will you become faithful to friends and to friendship?)

When all’s said and done (which it never is), there’s a lot going on in Pattaya that never gets written about, let alone feelingly understood.

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