Injured In The Line Of Duty

An Injured Introduction

containment-area for obstreperous, blood-thirsty, two-year-olds

My duty was to let my partner shop unimpeded. Her granddaughter was the impediment. I was to control granddaughter’s movements just 100%. We were at Wanasin Market, Soi Siam Country Club, time 10.00 a.m., level of tension – high. I it was who had persuaded my partner to let granddaughter Alice attend. I was told to hold Alice while her grandmum went off to do the shopping – to do it fast. Alice had no intention of being held. I tried to reason with her. Two-year-olds are not open-minded. Her nails drew blood. She threw herself about. (She had studied Freud and hysteria!) She was wrestled to the floor…of a pick-up where she screamed for a few minutes (running around in a rectangle). I got out the soap-bubble maker and that got her attention. She also inspected herself for damage. None! She looked at me and dismissed my “damage”.



We should annihilate babies.

a great and original thinker, a social revolutionary, and a great babe-slaughterer

Herod had a good idea but slipped up with Jesus, that’s the one who changed history and got the wise king a bad name in some circles. If we get rid of the boisterous babes, we free up resources for the good, old guys like me. We get rid of all the other problems facing homo sapiens. And we get our own backs on those ungovernable bundles of energy. We squash them into extinction.


Thanks From On High

It is a gloom-ridden and depressing problem for governments – this thing about having to give money to an aging population. If my project is approved, governments the world over will thank me for saving them millions over the long term.


Feedback On My Plan
























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