Goodnight, Sweet Pillow

2015 was an exciting year for me. I was getting my impressions down of Pattaya at last and with the book almost finished I met Will Peskett who suggested the self-publishing route which meant I at last had to jump into bed with the internet. 2015 was also interesting because I had quarrelled with my antihero, the superlative Rosta, and I was writing him up in that book which I published in January 2016 with the unpromising title “Collected Selected Words”.

"Collected Selected Words" book cover

    the book with the            unpromising title

(The title was to change again and again. It now reads “Great Tits I’ve Known (And Other Species)”.)

"Great Tits I've Known (And Other Species)"

  the new cover and title

I was missing Rosta and indeed on my return from Mr. Peskett’s impressive abode, by chance I saw the Greek Cypriot Welshman outside his hotel on Soi Khao Talo, jumped out of my car and embraced the guy. I was so happy to see him in the flesh not just between the literary sheets of a book!

Showgirls Agogo

        where Pillow used to work

It was 2012 or 13 that I first set eyes on Mawn (Pillow in English) and she was still a teenager. She was shy and found me polite. I bought her a couple of drinks but then gave up, only giving her the eye whenever I went into Showgirls on L. K. Metro. She quickly took centre-stage there with a plump friend and together they did lesbian and opened themselves up for all to see. I just put Mawn to one side, a standoffish professional, too young, with lots of attitude, obliterating my diminishing libido, and the libido of others, I presumed.

Some time later I noticed that she and her plump friend had perfected the artful act of sitting with farangs and getting lots of drinks bought for themselves, declining molestation, declining short time, declining long time. Later still I suspected that the girls had Thai guys for boyfriends and even a bit later than that I suspected that the guys running the music in Showgirls were their boyfriends! I gave up on Mawn but I put her in “Collected Selected Words” / “Great Tits I’ve Known (And Other Species)” in Chapter Thirteen “Money Merry Marry” because of her “derriere” which I claimed was the best in L. K. Metro.

Last night I was riding the Metro myself and one of the bars I went into was Showgirls. I immediately missed Mawn who had left some time ago and was dancing in Champagne, but I forgot this detail temporarily.

Champagne Agogo

            where Mawn works

I drifted around the L of my Metro and did Paradise, Bachelor, The Office, a new one called (can’t remember), and Queens or Queen Club. Queens was boringly exciting and it was great to watch a young stud barfining one of the most professional of the girls there. (Of all the girls in Pattaya, this young stud had to choose one of the sharpest diamonds around. I imagined her chiselling him to bits!) Two of the girls were lying on top of each other to my right side and that got me thinking lesbians. I should have finished off my beer and gone home, but turning left out of Queens I headed for Champagne without the thought of Mawn there at all. (I presume.) The agogo was quiet when I entered, and only one pole dancer was twirling above us. She got off the stage and the dancers danced there in their bored ways. Little eye-contact. Absolutely no point being there unless to auto-irritate myself! I noticed Mawn and she said hello. She was not dancing. She sat opposite me and patted the seat inviting me over and laughing at her own bravado. I was drunk, picked up my beer and bill and went over. I sat down, bought her a drink and mauled her, asked her if I could barfine her, told her I had the 5,000 baht she asked for so why didn’t we just go, pulled out the clump of baht notes and waved them around, told her she just liked money,


      told her she just liked money

asked where her plump friend was (“with baby” from Mawn, condescending smile), told her I would like to give her a copy of my book where she is singled out for having a marvellous bum, told her I wanted to write a special message to her, asked her if the guys in Showgirls were her boyfriend and her friend’s, pestered her a bit more, said she was now twenty-four, declined to buy her another drink. In general made myself obnoxious. Did I? Up she jumped and off she went! I noticed another lass I had offended (prior to my offences with Mawn) getting barfined. The previous, offended one I’d implied was rich when she was in debt!

I drank up, paid, left, felt embarrassed.

I won’t be going into Champagne again for a long bit – waste of time and money for a guy with my problems. I won’t be talking let alone buying Mawn another drink – waste of time and money for a guy with my problems. I will be continuing to have “conversations” with workers in the Thai sex industry – waste of time and money for a guy with my problems?

My four-or-five-year stint with Mawn is over (I think).

Good-night, sweet Pillow;

“And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!”

That’s about it from “#ontheblog” here in “#Pattaya”. It’s always good to write these things up cos till this morning I felt self-righteously upset. I never realised just how obnoxious I was to Pillow. Now it’s all clear. I’m just another grizzly with a sore head living too long and too close to the hard-working, hard-drinking, hardcore heroines of the agogos of Fun City.

grizzly bear

   a hi-bye from the grizzly author

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