Do You Fancy A Nice Bit Of TIT Today?

This Is Thailand

TIT is, of course, short for “This is Thailand”, and long-stay gringos (“farangs”) use the abbreviation quite often. I myself have just finished my very own TIT day and it went like this. I was motoring Third Road, Pattaya, early this morning and going at 40 kph. Yes, it was too slow and an enraged Thai flashed, hooted, then overtook me, doing the equivalent of elbowing me. I avoided the crash by swerving to my left. Later in the morning I turned up at the post office to collect a parcel from Russia. The only person who had told me the parcel was waiting for me was the Russian who sent it. The afternoon saw the sitting-room at home reaching 37 degrees celsius. I motored down to Jomtien in the late afternoon and used my local soi, Soi Siam Country Club, which is on two levels and still in a state of repair after eight or so months. I arrived in Soi 5, Jomtien, outside Chonburi Immigration which joys in calling us tourists not “farangs” but “aliens” and waited for a reversing car to exit so I could park. The lady or gent reversed into my car so I hooted. He or she 3-point-turned and reversing knocked down a parked motorbike. At 7 p.m. I went swimming in my old condo complex and noted three, new, high-rise blocks changing the night-sky horizon.Thailand and Pattaya skyscraper I had a good swim, a salty but tasty pizza (Pattaya’s international cuisine is still here) and then motored home thinking about an acquaintance who told me the government wants to close down the agogos here in Pattaya. If it succeeds in doing so, Chonburi Immigration may be a bit emptier in the future.Accident in Thailand On Sukhumvit just near Big C Pattaya Tai, there were all the signs of a very bad accident to my right. To conclude my TIT day I myself pranged my own gate with my own car, but that’s not fair. Not TIT but TIJ – This is Jonathan.Waiting to be pranged in Thailand!

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