“Dear Pattaya” & St. Valentine’s Day

I am delaying publishing “Dear Pattaya” till after St. Valentine’s Day because the novel shows a Pattaya full of braggers, deceit, and problems which contradict Valentine. I am buying roses, or the equivalent, and celebrating love’s day with a lady who has put up with me for many years. Let’s forget the cynics who show a tourist at an ATM with two bargirls in tow on the 14th and let’s go with the flow. Thailand, and especially Pattaya, likes to party on special days. I suggest even those guys who have looked for love in all the wrong places cast aside their doubts and dance a while.

On the 15th of February I will take a look at “Dear Pattaya” whose hero doesn’t even bother to return to Fun City, and I should think I will publish immediately, but for now let Valentine do the talking.

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