View Talay In Jomtien? Views Talays In Jomtien? What Ho!

In 2006 I bought my condo in Jomtien, in Baan Suan Lalana. It was not easy. The Israeli company completed late and left me with a problematic air-con which the company later fixed by lowering the ceiling in the kitchen-area to allow the pipes gradient.

Water no longer dripped out of the ceiling. Within six months of my purchase, the condo had been broken into and the television “removed”. A smart Thai lady and her Thai boyfriend had come along in my absence, taken advantage of my absence, and got the TV. The next day the microwave was going for a walk when intelligent staff in the office stopped the proceedings, and my loved one and her man escaped while retrieving their documents for inspection by office staff. In her generosity, my loved one left me some menstrual blood to look over. She and her man had slept in my double bed for a short while.

After such an interesting beginning, matters cooled and I lived there for six more years. I saw the bird-life diminish as the condos grew and my ornithological spirits drooped somewhat. I had been told that Jomtien would be all the rage but I only saw more and more condos going up. Now, around Baan Suan Lalana, the skyline has changed and grand and great edifices are abounding.

In 2012 I sold the condo at two thirds of the price I bought it for and moved with my partner to a three-bed, detached house on the dark side where I still reside.

I have had occasion recently to revisit Jomtien and have been in or near three condos. One was directly on the sea and short of building on sand, it will probably retain its sea-view but a View Talay I also visited has no sea-view. At least I couldn’t see a way it could have one.

Two days ago I sat in another Jomtien condo and saw the sea but was informed that an enormous complex with an extravagant name was going to interfere with at least part of the sea-view. I imagine there will be dust, noise, and other stuff going on for as long as it takes to complete yet another enormous condo-project that will change the Jomtien skyline (yet again) and the sea-view (yet again).

Take a look at the already-completed condos at night. How many windows are lit up? Why are they still at it, building? Is supply outstripping demand? Was it ever NOT outstripping demand?

If I go down Soi Chaiyapreuk, I often glance at an unfinished condo-block. Therein hangs another tale. My partner and I knew the lady advertising the block. 5000 baht could secure you a condo. You just sat back, waited for completion, paid, moved in. Or monthly rates were available. The block is still there, pristinely unfinished with dogs dossing, bats hanging, concrete dirtying over.

My other condo in the middle of Pattaya, near Big C Extra, is going up in price. Yes, they’re building but there’s not much land left to build on around that well-established grand ville!!!

Maybe, instead of counting on a view talay you should count on a view Big C Extra (or whatever). The brine, the sand, the ocean murmur, the glorious sunsets, may be absent but you can rest assured you’ll get your shopping done. It’s not a big dream I’m offering here but at least it’s not a tearful nightmare of blocked view talays and unused condos.

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