Be Very Careful When Having Fun In Fun City (Pattaya)

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Fun Not So Funny

I joked with a couple of Pattaya bar girls over their game of pool, moving the balls a bit then putting them back in place, pocketing one then replacing it. They laughed along and I smiled. An English guy came up behind me and told me not to do it. “If you were playing golf, would you like to have your balls shifted?” he interrogated me, sticking his head out at me. I pretended to be stupid, not to understand, shrugged my shoulders, and because I was leaving I left.

nice balls

Last night in one of Pattaya’s most famous agogos, a Thai server told the group of rowdy young men I was with not to play with the dancers. Messing and touching briefly, laughing and joking, are definitely frowned upon unless you pay the price. The previous night a Thai bouncer and worker told that same group to be careful. I told the guy in Thai we were clients and to stop all the criticism. He told us to get out.

Of course, every case is different but there’s a message out there, and the message seems to be that fun is just about tolerated if you’re lucky and smiling but any fun that seems to be free will be frowned upon sooner or later. However, despite the noveaux puritans, my group of friends is having fun and we have even roped a few mamasans* into the melee, but beware because out there there are many punters and Thais who don’t like the rollick and the laughter. Indeed, last night, I informed the dancing girls that they should not sympathise with the Thai heavies stopping the laughter because they themselves are victims of Thai males. That’s why they’re there. I said it in Thai and the message was heard by all and sundry. Yes, I believe if all Thai men treated their girls well and seriously and the girls reciprocated, the agogos might well shut down.

And now I’ll shut down and shut up.


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