Are You As Old As The Woman You Feel?

Metube Interview Goes Very Wrong

Never thought An Ex-Hippy, Ex-Wall Street Shark (But Not Ex-Woman) Would Bite Me – A Vicious Attack On The Short & Goolies

First television interview & just my luck – she mugs me!

Down & Out In The First Round

Pool Of Blood

Check it out and send your condolences my way AND REMEMBER : ALL I SAID WAS : “YOU’RE AS OLD AS THE WOMAN YOU FEEL!” & I wasn’t even saying it. I WAS QUOTING IT!!!

As old as the woman you feel.


Metube Interview

(Sorry, there’s a long introduction, advertising Pattaya Expats Club, sorry, but when you see an old guy with a fixed grin on his bespectacled face being interviewed by a youngish woman with blonde hair, watch on. She doesn’t waste any time. She biffs me with “I’m an older woman and I take exception……” I try to defend myself but…..There again, it’s worth noting my novel’s called “Collected Selected Words” and she just can’t get her mind (or memory) round that one so intent is she on going for the short & goolies. (I want you all to question her intelligence!!!)

You’re as old as the WOMEN you feel.

NOT me but jealous!


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